Mosquito Season is coming !

Date created 20.03.2018 08:30:57

This is the season to be outdoors to play, eat, drink, and be happy !

Regrettably, the bugs feel the same way, and boy are they getting ready to join the party.

Even if you can avoid the worst of them (Virus carriers that spread West Nile or Zika), almost everybody has a physical reaction to bug bites.

Most people just get tiny red bite marks that itch. While for some people these bite areas may expands into a big red welts, others suffer worse with an inflamed bite area that may even be accompanied by a fever.

In any case, biting insects are a nuisance that are at best just an inconvenience and discomfort, but at worst can cause serious health concerns.

Although there are MANY a ways to deal with these pests , we have recently come across a completely NATURAL remedy that has shown great promise in dealing with this scourge effectively and safely.

The best part… even if you are not a great cook or chemist …  you can probably whip up this tasty concoction in no time and have it misting your preferred outdoor hangout !

No Smell (after a few minutes that is) no danger to you – yours – your pets – and other critters that live outdoors …. OTHER THAN them biting Bugs !!!

Once mixed and fermented just dilute the tasty “Bug-Be-Gone-Juice” with any low-cost garden sprayer and you're done !
Even better should you be the proud owner of an automated misting system, you can now spray your own branded recipe and save some well earned $$$ in the process:

Without further ado... here is the recipe. Have fun mixing and enjoy the outdoors !!!

Bug Repellent Recipe


  1. 1 Bottle Blue Mint Mouthwash
  2. 3 Bottles (12 oz ea.) Stale Beer
  3. 3 Cups Epsom Salt
  4. 4 Garlic Bulbs
  5. 4 Hot Peppers (Jalapeños or Habaneros)
  6. 4 Tbsp. Vegetable Oil
  7. 2 Onions



    • Peel Garlic
    • Peel Onions
    • Puree Garlic, Onions & Peppers with some of the liquid
    • Mix everything together and let sit (in a warm sunny place) for a few days to ferment
    • Strain out liquid
    • Dilute with 2 gallons of water & spray