Why PFI ? Can I not do this on my own ?

There are several reasons why joining property brothers is the way to go.


While you could certainly spend the hours & hours on the Internet to source valuable deals in emerging markets, we have built the platform and the relationships with Real Estate Agents to bring the “Deals” to you. This saves you valuable time & money.


While you could certainly do it all by yourself, we spend the time to do the research on all of the properties listed. This saves you MORE valuable time & money.

Paperwork & Reliability

You could surely spend your time and money to find reliable Agents & Lawyers to do the required paperwork in order to purchase a property in an emerging market. However – and again – why do it all yourself when being part of a group solves all these issues for you. We have not only built relationships with agents BUT ALSO with the support organizations required to navigate the legal pathways to ensure success. This saves you EVEN MORE valuable time & money.

Together we are stronger

Participating in a Group Effort will benefit ALL Members. Naturally, property markets (and emerging Markets are no different) can fluctuate and sometimes results are incredibly fast BUT also can be painfully slow. Being part of a group and thus divested in a LARGE number of properties benefits everyone. As some properties will flip more quickly then others, a member will participate and benefit from the fast flips, rather than being tied ONLY to a “LONG” Flip by themselves.

Safety & Security

All Funds invested in Property Flippers are BACKED by ACTUAL Property Values. It is no different then buying a property by yourself EXCEPT … by participating in Property Flippers you are in essence buying PART of EVERY Deal we do together.