Property Flippers International Update

Date created 26.04.2018 11:33:41

After a lot of "Back-End Programming" is now seeing visitors and new listings are being entered daily.

"We are ecstatic with this development" remarked VP of IT Council Member Jorge Ward. He added "... there were a lot of growing pains to get the Website to look and feel the way we wanted it".

George Henning, the spokesperson for the Board of Directors & VP of Membership Council promised FREE listings for the next few months. Mr Henning explained, "Members have been asking for more and more listings, asking for a larger variety of offerings to choose from. Our way of ensuring a greater variety of Real estate Listings is to widen our marketing reach and offering ANYONE FREE Listings of their property for the next few months." Questioned regarding an "End Date" of the FREE Listing Service he added "we have no specific end date in mind, we are more concerned to get as much variety as fast as we can to ensure our members have ample opportunity to invest in (the market of) their choice".

Mr. Henning further stated that the Board of Directors had decided that Property Flippers International would charge only a VERY nominal fee at the time that the "FREE Listing Program" would come to an end.

Stay tuned for more in the days ahead...