Property Flippers International Update

Date created 14.05.2018 10:34:50

During a recent "Meet & Greet" for PFI Club Members, the spokesperson for the Board of Directors & VP of Membership Council (George Henning) elaborated on PFI's response to increasing online questions regarding the PFI Advantage(s)

"Yes, we are getting a lot of "Why PFI" questions thrown at us" he remarked during the Town Hall Format Q & A Session held as part of the conference at the (undisclosed location) and we will update our Online Q & A Section shortly to reflect this development."

He added "... I guess we should have seen this coming (going to an Online Platform). We are now not only dealing with people who were invited by other Members - thus knowing what PFI is all about. So, we could have been more pro-active and developed a better Q & A Section first."

Mr Henning further explained, "However, virtually all of our Members were asking for a greater number of listings - or said differently - a larger variety of offerings to choose from.  Consequently, we wanted to address that first and our way of ensuring it, was to open our marketing strategy, increase our reach and allow ANYONE to create FREE Listings." 

He later continued "Now we can focus on engagement with potential NEW Members and their enquiries as well as producing a more detailed Q & A Section that will help us serve our Website Visitors better". 

Pressed to elaborate on the PFI Advantages he quipped "... and everyone here knows them well, so we'll spend our time (here) focusing on the reasons for meeting and leave the "Why's" for the programmers to add to our Q & A Section so inquiring minds don't need to ask.

Stay tuned for more in the days ahead...