How Does "PFI" Work

How does PFI Work ?

To re-iterate: "PFI" (Property Flippers International) is a group of Individuals who have come together to “Flip” Real Estate Properties, BUT do so predominantly in “Emerging Markets”.

The following is an example based on a $25.000 “ICI” (Initial Capital Investment) into any of the “Deals” listed on or website.

Step 1

To participate in "PFI" you purchase a Membership and are ready to transfer an “ICI” (Initial Capital Investment) in the Amount of your choice into PFI's “Equity Fund”($2,500 of your “ICI” is considered a "One-Time Non-Refundable Membership Fee", which will remain in the “Equity Fund”)

Step 2

You choose one of the properties listed and (provided your deposit has been received in PFI's “Equity Fund”) PFI will purchase the property of your choice in your name (the title will be registered in your name) this ensures that your “ACI” (Actual Capital Investment = ICI - Membership Fee) is protected by the Property value and YOUR LEGAL RIGHT OF OWNERSHIP.

Your property will be immediately re-listed on the open market, with your authorization to "PFI" to sell it at an agreed price (Flip It).

After the successful Sale of YOUR PROPERTY, the pay-out proceeds as follows:

Notes: In this example the purchase price was $20,000 and the re-sale price was only $5,000 higher ... Regardless of purchase price and resale price, the Pay-Out Percentages will remain the same !

  • 50% of the profit ($2,500) is paid directly to you – (Although we suggest a Belize Foundation for Asset Protection, the choice (where you want to receive your funds) is certainly yours)
  • 25% of the profit ($1,250) is transferred into the “Commission Fund” (The “Commission Fund” is distributed (monthly) in equal shares to the Group of Stakeholders)
  • 25% of the profit ($1,250) is transferred into the “Equity Fund” (The “Equity Fund” is used to purchase & flip more properties on behalf of the Stakeholders*.)

(Operating expenses are also paid out of the “Equity Fund” fund)

After the conclusion of the “The DEAL”, you can;

  • Reclaim your “ACI” … meaning it is paid back to you (Initial Capital Investment minus your One Time Membership Fee of $2500), or
  • You can re-invest your “ACI” to FLIP another property.

If you want to have your returned to you at this point your business relationship with "PFI" is severed, unless you replace your "ACI" again sometime in the future.

Should you decide to reinvest your “ACI”, you pick another property listing and the same rules apply.

Although your Membership Fee is Non-Refundable – your Membership never expires in the sense that you can re-join "PFI" anytime without a fee. However you will need to replace your “ACI” but your Flip-Count does NOT re-set either.

AFTER approximately 10 Property Flips, (maybe sooner or maybe later depending on the actual Profit Amount) you have essentially recovered your initial investment and you have the following Options;

  1. Re-claiming your “ACI” again meaning it is paid back to you, or
  2. Permanently placing your "ACI" with Property Flippers thus becoming a Member of the Stakeholder Council.

Having essentially reclaimed your "ICI" through FLIPPING, you have basically earned your investment into "PFI". This means your permanent investment and participation in "PFI" is now completely LOSS FREE, meaning from hereon in it is GAINS only.

As a Stakeholder you profit from absolutely EVERY Properly Flip the group is completing, while retaining percentile ownershipS of a growing Capital Base as well as growing Real Estate Assets.

On occasion Members of the Stakeholders Council will be asked to join the Board of Directors and steer the Operation of "PFI" for the mutual benefit of ALL Stakeholders.

Any profit on properties purchased (and flipped) through the Equity Fund are distributed as follows;

  • 50% of the profit is transferred into “Commission Fund”, (which is distributed monthly in equal shares to the Group of stakeholders)
  • 50% of the profit is transferred into the “Equity Fund” (which is used to purchase & flip properties)