Open Letter to REA's

Dear Real-Estate Agent,

We are an International Group of Investors continuously looking to diversify our Real Estate Investment Portfolio. Our concept is Membership Driven and we previously issued the Listing Catalogue to our Members in Paper Format ONLY. We decided a while ago that we needed to move forward into the 21st Century and “Go Online as well”, so that we can serve our Members better and faster.

We JUST launched our website, and while we are in the process of migrating our current listings to our website, we would also like to increase our diversification by inviting Real-Estate Agencies and their Agents to join our Website (ALWAYS FREE as Agencies & Agents), and LIST available properties for our Members.

Please choose PFI Member Special as "Property Type" when you list a property of the following category

  • properties that are currently under-valued – or defined differently – have an immediate re-list value of at least 20% higher then the current listing value, OR
  • Rental Income Properties, which are for sale and produce a HEALTHY monthly return*

* You must be willing to EITHER manage these Rental Properties, OR have a reliable Property Management Company you work with.

Once listed, our Members can purchase the property, which will then be titled in that Members name and the property will be relisted on the Open Market IMMEDIATELY (not on our site).

Our format lends itself perfectly to match people in NEED of selling their Real Estate quickly, willing to forego some of the profit for a fast sale, while our members are willing to play the longer game, making up for the wait by way of profit.

Your participation as an Agent in our program is FREE and ongoing sales and re-sales will result in compound commissions, which can be only to your benefit.

Additionally we would like to ask you to participate in our “PFI Magazine” The iDeal Times. You can do so by submitting News Articles or Stories you believe to be relevant to members interested in investing in your Country's Real Estate Market.

You can submit your relevant Articles / Stories by sending them (or a link to the story) by Clicking here – PLEASE CHANGE the subject line and BODY TEXT as per the instruction you see in the email when it opens !

We are looking forward to your participation, and hope to speak with you soon.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

We thank you for your cooperation & participation in advance,

Best regards

Board of Directors

Property Flippers International