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Beach Front B&B Paradise On The Caribbean Side Of Costa Rica

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For Rent
Beach Front B&B Paradise On The Caribbean Side Of Costa Rica
Bed & breakfast, 11 Bedrooms, Manzanillo

Price: 3 K € per month

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For Rent
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Bed & Breakfast
Manzanillo, Manzanillo, Puerto Viejo, Limon, Costa Rica
3 K € per month

Beach Front Paradise, B&B in Manzanillo, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica (The Caribbean Side)

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A paradise is waiting for you. Its located just steps away from beautiful pristine white sand beach, Manzanillo is the most beautiful beach in Costa Rica. The B&B with a beach front bar and restaurant is in the small fishing town of Manzanillo and also a walk from the national refuge of Manzanillo. We are about seven kilometers from the famous town of Puerto Viejo where the night life along the beach and the best restaurants from all over the world. I'm not running the business for that reason I'm not selling it as a business.

The kitchen is ready to serve any menu and is fully equipped. We also have our own laundry facilities. With 10 rooms and each room with a full bathroom and also a manager room this place can be a money maker if you can add pike rental and snorkeling equipment, and canoe rentals.

Fishing is a big tourist business in the area, so if you can add fishing tours and also boat rides for whale and dolphin watching. these are some of the idea's that someone can do to generate extra income.

Costa Rica is a very foreigner friendly country that will allow you to own and operate a business and real estate with no problems. As for the expenses, we pay an average of $250 a month for electric and $60 for internet that gives the entire property WiFi. the water is free and you buy the gas from gas vendors that come by on daily basis. As for help, you need one person in the kitchen and one at the bar that can also be the server, and a local can come by once a day to clean the rooms when vacant ( the two are at a cost of $ 200 per week).

The taxes and municipality fees are $400 per year.

As for the person who's interested in renting our property, it comes fully furnished and ready to do business. we require a down payment of at least six months and the rent to be paid twice yearly once at signing the rental agreement and the next in six months and so forth. For example at signing a deposit of $18000 plus the first six months $18000 so $36000 would be due at signing, and $18000 every six months from there. In the event you decide to purchase the property we will consider the amount paid as rent, part of the total amount due, and it will be credited to your purchase price.

Features - Amenities

  • Ocean Waterfront
  • Balcony
  • Furnished
  • Appliances
  • Laundry Room
  • *Walking Distance To Manzanillo Wild Life Refuge
  • *on The Most Beautiful Beach In Costa Rica
  • *High Speed Internet
  • *best Fishing In The Caribban
  • *surfing Competitions
  • *zip Lining
Number of Bedrooms:
Total number of floors:
Total square:
500 m2
What is near?:
200 N of Manzanillo Town Center
Number of Rooms: